Capturing the moment

Do yourself a favor and don’t ignore this section.  You can score a ton of points by capturing the moment when you propose on video.  Cash these points in for a night out drinking with your buds or a themed-night of role play in your bedroom (I’m not going to lie to you here – I have no experience with the latter. You’re just going to have to take my completely inexperienced word for it. This will totally work).  You get the drift.
Many guys have taken to hiring professional videographers to do this chore for them.  Depending on where you are, this might run you anywhere from a $100 to a couple thousand.  You could also try to get your friends involved; hiding out in the bushes, just waiting to sneak closer to capture THE moment.
But, as you can see below, I managed to get the job done solo.  You just have to be a little sneaky.  I had worked out a deal with the hotel staff where we were staying, but due to unforeseen circumstances they weren’t able to help me out as originally planned.  So I had to think fast and be adaptable.  So for me, capturing the moment became an exercise in convincing her to go take pictures down on the beach before dinner on our first night of vacation.  It wasn’t pretty…the camera was a little crooked and it wasn’t the angle I wanted.  But hey – at least I’ll have this documented for our kids to see one day.  That’s something I would have loved to have seen of my parents.


If capturing the moment is something you’re serious about, and you want to do it yourself, make sure you don’t go cheap on the camera.  Ask around to see if any of your friends or co-workers has a nice DSLR camera that you can borrow.  If they’re nice, they might even offer to be your cameraman for you.  If you’re not so lucky in this regard, I’d suggest you go ahead and buy one yourself in lieu of hiring a videographer.  You’ll be able to take the camera with you on the honeymoon, future vacations, kid things, holidays, etc.  It’s really a nice toy to have, so you might as well do a little research and find one you like now.  For our purposes, try to find one that’s rated well for video.  I had purchased the Sony Alpha 33 a couple of years ago because of the video capabilities, so it worked out great for me.  I’m sure there are even better options out there now.
Once it’s all said and done, I wouldn’t even let her know that you had videotaped it.  Let that part be a surprise for a few weeks after the proposal.  In those weeks, spend a few spare hours putting together a video scrapbook.  It will recap your thought process and, ultimately, end with you showing the moment you decided to ask her to marry you.  If that’s not something you know how to do, poke around on fiverr and you might find someone that will help you out for a really reasonable price.

When it’s all finished and you’re sure it looks perfect, you can show it to her one night over wine and dinner.  She’ll love the moment all over again.  Then you’ll clue her into the fact that you’ve uploaded the video to vimeo or youtube so that your families can share in the moment.  She’ll always be grateful that you went through the trouble of capturing the moment and, even more, producing a video.
This really gives you a great chance to shine.  This gives you a chance to be vulnerable.  Be bold in your proclamations during the video journal and don’t be afraid that your claims about how much you love your fiance might impact your future in-laws.  They’ll love it.  They’ll feel at ease by the fact that she’s found a guy who’s willing to shout his love from the roof tops.  That’s the kind of thing we’ll all hope for our own children some day.
Capturing the moment doesn’t have to be limited to video, either.  If I wasn’t out of the country, working solo, I would have tried to get some friends to take some candid photos.  From a distance they could have taken a series of photos without giving away the secret.  Even better, after the proposal they could make their way closer to help you and your now-fiance celebrate.


Let us hear from you!  What are your thoughts?  How are you planning on capturing the moment?  Any tips?  Good deals you’ve found on cameras?  Anything and everything that would help your fellow man.  Comment below or join us in the forums:  http://groomedtobe.com/smf/index.php?topic=1859.0


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